Research and building tips

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Research and building tips

Post  Nicoletto on Thu Oct 20, 2011 4:59 pm

My personal recommendations for new players is:

Keep your Research and Construction producing all the time.
Focus Research on getting your Construction skill maxed out. This means bringing up your Logistics, Spying, and Maneuvers.
Focus your Construction tasks on building up your Production.

Keep a small number of troops and use them to take Cityscapes (remember to Recall all of your troops immediately) so you get Production bonuses, and to attack Gangs for money and resources. At the moment, Gangs provide $10000 and 5000 of each resource for each level plus a chance at an item of that level. Keep the best items and sell the others when you need cash.

Building up your Construction skill and Production will require you to bring up other skills and upgrade your Estate. Don't worry much about the other Estate buildings or significant troops until your Production is cranking along nicely.

I hope others will chime in with further recommendations. I'll like to be able to recommend a balance of different types of Production, but I don't know what I'll want it to be at the end yet.


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