The Bilbertian method of securing powerful cityscapes-simply (and one or two other hints)

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The Bilbertian method of securing powerful cityscapes-simply (and one or two other hints)

Post  Bilbert on Sat Oct 22, 2011 6:28 am

First off, a quick check on what kind of buildings you have is always useful. Do NOT ever construct more than 2 Restaurants. Maybe 3 tops when you reach a very high level. Second, hideouts are probably the most useful building you can have outside of your estate. So having a couple extra of those around doesn't hurt at all. Note that apartment buildings give you the ability to produce, or train, more troops at once so that will be crucial eventually, but at the start it's not too important. Cement and Steel are self-explanatory.

On the estate make note of the guest house, last time I checked this building is bugged and worthless. Level 1 guesthouse to get the quest reward is fine. Workshop and garage affect vehicle and thug type troops respectively. The Library gives you the ability to research increase bonuses in production, decrease in construction times, or training times, and a few extras like troop health bonuses. The wall and guard-post (and perhaps the front gate) both effect your ability to train defensive units -guard dogs, barbed wire, etc. The front gate detects enemies, at high levels. At its first level it lets a delivery boy get all the way into the mansion . . . The mansion is, if I recall right, what enables you to level up the rest of the estate. If its level 2, nothing else gets higher than level 2. The armory allows you to equip items stolen from gangs, which give various bonuses, especially when they are in a set.

Finally cityscapes. Enough cash is needed to buy and produce a few couriers, say 5-8 a day. Once that is done scroll on the main map for a while, at least 2 minutes or so, just off in some random direction. Then find a cityscape, anything 7 or below will do (the higher levels are almost certain to have some kind of guard), make sure its earned by a player that's not stracci. Send a courier to attack it. Go of in some other random direction. Repeat. In under 30 minutes of this you should have 3-4 cityscapes at least. Recall your couriers but do not abandon the cityscapes. Generally the enemy player will not take back the cityscape for some time, a day or so.

The cash bonus you get from this is worth all of this, even if a couple couriers fail and die horrible, horrible deaths. However above all else, even if it takes forever, make sure that A- the player you are stealing land from is not part of a crew that has a member right next to you and that B-the player is not anywhere near you, and most importantly that C-he or she is NOT Stracci. Otherwise you could find your estate being attacked pretty quickly . . .

Hope this helps!

PS: Feed back is always useful, feel free to criticize. Also let me know if anyone knows any major downsides to this tactic.


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Re: The Bilbertian method of securing powerful cityscapes-simply (and one or two other hints)

Post  Vincent Coll on Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:25 pm

I agree with all the stuff written above. Won't be drunk 2morrow so I'll ad something

Vincent Coll

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