Farming Gangs

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Farming Gangs

Post  Dragon 69 on Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:03 am

This is a little trick I use to always have a steady source of cash and maxed food.

1 - Go to
2 - Download and install mouse recorder pro (it is free)
3 - Now open your game and go to City View
4 - Find what ever level gang you want to farm
5 - Now open Mouse recorder and start a new script
6 - Press Alt and 1 to start recording
7 - Click on the gang you want in your game screen
8 - Click on max troops and then click on attack
9 - Move your mouse around a couple times while the attack is going
10 - Once the attack is finished and the troops have returned press Alt and 1 again to stop the recording
11 - Now press Alt and 2 to begin the playback of the script
12 - If the attack goes through and there are no issues save the script
13 - Now back in the recorder program click on advanced and change the loop to 0.

Now everything is setup for you. When ever you want to farm that gang just load the script and let it run for you. I do this at night when I am sleeping and I usually average about 150 attacks a night. This gives me a constant flow of cash and max food. I will warn you to choose a gang that is atleast 1 min out each way for the attacks. This is due to the limits set for 30 attacks an hour right now. Also if you have not noticed from level 3 and up gangs you can get speed ups. If you have any troubles using this let me know and I will help you out getting it working.

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